What Works Against Ohio Bats: Mothballs or Ammonia?

Having dozens of Canton bats in your house especially in your attic is very alarming and may cause danger to your family. That is why, you always ask for advice how to get rid of these animals, there are lots of opinions from others that you can listen to but are they effective?

Repel bats
There is a must to remove Ohio bats in your house there are many ways to do it like using mothballs and ammonia but are they really effective? Before doing and listening to some advice do some research on what to do and what are really effective.

One of the natural repellants that can be found in your house is the mothballs, but this is not effective to repel for bats. Mothballs like naphthalene have a scent that are effectives for insects like cockroaches and others but not in bats. These may also cause danger to your family like;

  • It is a poisonous chemical
  • Can become a toxic gas
  • It can irritate your eyes, lungs and skin that may cause some health problems.

  • Ammonia
    Another natural repellants the emit an odor that can be destructive and irritating to Canton animals. But this chemical is not also effective to repel bats. This chemical may also cause danger to you and to your family that is why it is not very advisable to use.

    What to do?
    There are other ways to help you get rid of the Ohio bats in your house. Yes, it may be frustrating to think of the effective ways but you can always seek help from professionals, they have the right tool and trainings on how to remove the bats totally in your house and clean and disinfect the area as well. Just be patient, problem are solve.

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