There's a Fluid That Evicts Ohio Raccoons? All About It!

The natural byproduct of Canton male raccoons is raccoon eviction fluid and its works like a predator for female raccoons whilst their birthday phase. If laced within the dens, the female raccoons sense the danger nearby. It is an excellent thing for inaccessible chimneys, attics and areas. The raccoon eviction fluid consists of urine of male raccoons and gland secretions. Obviously, it' s not a pleasant concoction.

How does Canton raccoon eviction fluid work?
The concept behind this fluid is that its' usage seems practical; the female Ohio raccoons that move into the attic for getting away from the dangerous male raccoons. Within the wild, these male raccoons may kill the litters which don' t reside there, causing the females to breed again. Such devilry drives the pregnant females into human homes from woods. When eviction fluid is sprayed, these females get panicked and get her babies removed, moving them to new location.

When to Use eviction fluid
It works only in case when female raccoons are residing in Ohio attics with young ones. Even, it doesn' t work every time. For few people who have an experience of using eviction fluid, it doesn' t work at all.

How to use eviction fluid
Put this fluid on tennis balls, rags or other mediums which absorb it. After then, toss these tennis balls or rags in different parts of attics. Few pros put the fluid near exit and entry hole of attics also.

Where to buy eviction fluid
Some online companies sell the fluid. Some research is needed though.

What If the eviction fluid Doesn't Work?
There are high chances that this fluid doesn' t work. in such cases, use it in the normal way – look for litter produced litters of baby Canton raccoons and get them removed with your hand. After then use it for trapping the mama raccoons.

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