Are Canton Rats A Good Option As A Pet?

Perhaps you are just hearing for the first time that some people keep Ohio rats as pets. You might even be disgusted by the thoughts of keeping a rat. This article will explain the use of rats as pets.

Can a Canton Rat Be Used as Pet?
Yes, rats cannot only be used as pets, but there are also a lot of people who have rats as pets. There are domestic rats that can be tamed and used as a pet as opposed to their wild version. You might be wondering why you should even think about using a rat as a pet or why people do. The reasons include:

  • They have a super brain
  • Have Feelings
  • Lesser Time
  • Good for Kids

  • Super Brain
    Out of all the rodents that are commonly domesticated, rats are reputed to be the smartest. There are some individuals that are of the school of thought that there are rats that are smarter than dogs. It is possible to train rats on how to utilize their litter box, recognize and answer to their name as well as some other tricks. These can make them great and interesting companions.

    Have Feelings
    Rats have a lot of similarity with humans, including having the same feelings. Thus, an Ohio rat can b lonely, helpful and can also empathize.

    Lesser Time Commitment
    When you have dogs or other pets, chances are that you have to spend a lot of time bonding with them and other activities. Rats, on the other hand, love their sleep. They sleep for about 15 hours daily. This means you don' t have to spend so much time with them.

    Good for Kids
    They make a great first pet for kids. They don' t bite like most other Canton rodents. They are interactive and amazing. They also do not pose any threat to a child compared to dogs.

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